Why you should hire me

Everyone can look good in a portrait. Everyone deserves to look good. I take it on as a personal challenge when someone says, “Oh, I look terrible in photos!”

I’m a straight-talking guy. Here's why you should hire me: 

* 50% of a portrait photographer's skill is making subjects comfortable enough so they relax, let their guard down, and let their true selves be shown. That's when the photographer can capture something beautiful about them. And it is this I consider my special skill. I like people. I like talking to people and finding out what excites them. I put them at ease so they don’t worry about looking terrible in photos. I’m not that guy in a studio curtly telling you, “OK, chin down… OK, smile!” Each of you is unique; I genuinely like exploring that.

* I like shooting real people. I don’t think I’ve photographed a single professional model. Many of my photos were shot in natural light. 90% of the people involved thought they were not photogenic before they saw their photos. Real people don’t always come in size 2 and stand 6 feet tall. I find joy in making people from all walks of life look good, not just the pretty ones.

* Over many years, I’ve shot hundreds of people, including hyperactive kids and oh, lots of dogs. If you’ve tried to click them, you know it’s not easy to direct and pose kids or dogs. These people have come in various shapes, sizes, ages, and hairstyles. So trust me, I know how to handle your photos.

* Lastly, I’m not a “one size fits all” generalist photographer. On this site, you’ll find only portraits. There are no photos of landscapes, wildlife, interiors, fashion, products, or weddings. I will not pretend to be an expert at everything. The only other thing I shoot commercially is food, and that’s a different website. But I do capture people well. When you hire me, you’re hiring someone  who’s had time to focus.

So read the testimonials from people I’ve photographed. Check out a selection of my photos

And if you’re convinced, head over to the contact form and drop me a line. 

 [bats eyelashes at you]

[bats eyelashes at you]