How it works

This section is to answer all your niggling queries and gives longer explanations for things I didn’t want to put on other pages. People have notoriously short attention spans when reading online.

Do you shoot weddings?

I don’t, sorry. I’m just not comfortable in noisy, crowded spaces and weddings are the epitome of that. There is no shortage of wedding photographers around, however.

Glad we got that out of the way.

What happens after I contact you?

I assume you’ve browsed the packages page for your options first. If your message hasn’t gone into my spam folder (it happens sometimes. Jai Google!), I’ll call you in the next couple of days at the time you mentioned, unless I’m travelling or sick. My phone number is not on the site because I’m sick of marketing spam and don’t need more of those vermin getting my number.

First we’ll have a nice chat on the phone about what you want from the shoot. If necessary, we can Skype so we can see each other without enduring Bangalore’s infamous traffic jams.

I’ll send you my standard photographer contract so there’s no misunderstanding between us, which will include the cost of the shoot. 

Then we set up a convenient date (based on how busy your schedule and mine are) plus a location. You pay an advance (a booking fee) online so I have something to go on. The balance can be paid when you approve the low-resolution photos and before you receive the high resolution versions.

I turn up with all the necessary gear at the agreed venue and we have some good fun shooting photos. I respect your time and will not be late. Please factor in city traffic so you too can make it on time.

We both go away tired but happy. I go back to my PC and process the photos over the next few days (depends on how many photos I have) to get you those you’ll love.

I then send you links to lower resolution photos for your final approval. There will probably be more photos than you need so we can cut them down to the best ones. If I need to do some further editing after discussing it with you, I’ll do it.

You then pay the remainder of the fee online and I send you a nice album of photos that you can download. In the rare situation that there are lots of files to be sent, I’ll give you a DVD or USB drive.

If you’re happy, you recommend me to some of your friends for karma (or beer). 

What camera / lenses / flash do you use?

Camera gear information is only important to other curious photographers. Cameras don’t click good photos; people do. Rest assured I either have or can get what I need.

Will you shoot photos in my city?

Sure, if I don’t have other commitments on those dates. Travel and comfortable accommodation costs will be extra and we will need to discuss packages for you. Please say you have an event in Hawaii. Always wanted to go there. 

Can I come to your studio instead of going somewhere else?

If that’s what you feel comfortable doing, sure, come on over. I work from my house/studio in Frazer Town and have all the studio lights you need for doing more studio-oriented shoots.

Can I get a discount?

I either work for free (pro bono work) or I charge full price. If budget is an issue, I’m sure you can find another photographer that suits that budget. I prefer not to devalue my work and I cannot reduce my own effort by discount% 

I still have a question about…

Yes, yes. Ask away